Yudin on Oury’s guilty plea

Bergen County Republican Chairman Bob Yudin said Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie deserves credit for the guilty plea of Dennis Oury, the former Bergen County Democratic counsel and municipal attorney for several of the county’s towns.

Christie indicted Oury and Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joe Ferriero last year, when he was still U.S. Attorney.

“Chris Christie is still batting 1,000. He hasn’t lost a case yet. As far as Ferriero’s concerned, that’s up to the jury,” said Yudin.

Bergen County is a major battleground this year, and Christie dealt the Democratic Party there a serious blow when he indicted Oury and Ferriero. Ferriero, chairman since 1998, was a prolific fundraiser who took the Democrats from being a perennial minority party to controlling all but one county-wide office.

Yudin has faced criticism from within the party for campaigning too heavily on corruption during his three times as a candidate for freeholder and while overseeing last year’s freeholder race. The two candidates this year have been noticeably more quiet on the issue.

“I think that issue has probably reached its zenith,” said Yudin. Whether the trial of Ferriero and whether he is found guilty will make any difference at this point, I just don’t know.”

“The polling data we have shows that the most important issue to the taxpayers is overwhelmingly taxes and particularly property taxes, and that will be what we will definitely talk about.” Yudin on Oury’s guilty plea