Adubato: Corzine’s money went to kids, not for TV show

Public affairs TV host Stephen Adubato, Jr. says that a contribution from Gov. Jon Corzine's foundation to the Caucus Educational Corporation (CEC), went to a leadership development program for inner city kids and not for policy-oriented TV programming.

The Corzine foundation gave CEC $1,000 last year, and contributed about $3.2 million to charities overall.

Adubato has hosted numerous public television shows on the 2009 gubernatorial election, including a call-in show for the candidates that was aired on New Jersey Network.

According to their website, CEC "is the non-profit organization that produces both Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato, the Emmy Award-winning public television series, and One-on-One, a series of in-depth interviews featuring some of the nation's most interesting and compelling personalities. The CEC also produces Democracy Works, a special series offering comprehensive coverage of the many challenges facing New Jersey and national leaders. This series also includes a LIVE interactive, one-hour call in program with New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. Caucus: New Jersey, One-on-One and Democracy Works are anchored by four-time Emmy Award winning anchor Steve Adubato, Ph.D."

CEC also runs Stand & Deliver: Communication Tools for Tomorrow's Leaders, which helps improve "the basic communication and leadership skills of young adults in New Jersey's Greater Newark Area."

Adubato said Corzine's money "went to support mentors and teachers in the program and to support scholarships for the most accomplished students in the program.

"None of it went to me or to support our public affairs and policy-oriented TV programming.

Bill Palatucci, a top advisor to GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie, serves as a CEC trustee.

Adubato: Corzine’s money went to kids, not for TV show