All-In for Owens?

ALBANY—It’s nearing the end of the race to replace John McHugh in Congress. A leading Democrat just told the party

ALBANY—It’s nearing the end of the race to replace John McHugh in Congress. A leading Democrat just told the party is “not going to leave anything on the table” to help Bill Owens.

My mind is returning to the special election in the 20th District this spring, where the final poll showed long-shot Scott Murphy slightly ahead and the DCCC went “all in.” In that race, Democrats unleashed a radio ad featuring Vice President Joe Biden, a television ad with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (who also robocalled) and the personal endorsement of Barack Obama. There was no counter-strike orchestrated by Republicans, save a robocall by Rudy Giuliani.

June O’Neill, chair of the executive committee of the New York Democratic Party, told me by phone after campaigning in Canton that “it’s fair to say that we’re not going to leave anything on the table,” and that “we have even stronger support from the White House than we had in NY-20.”

Obama held a fundraiser with Owens last week in New York, and sent the below e-mail to the Organizing for America lists. Democratic sources say a robocall is being mulled, but a last-minute district visit by the president is unlikely. With the campaign in its final stretch–and the last poll expected soon–it will be interesting to see what comes off the table.



The race in New York’s 23rd congressional district — just a short drive away from you — is coming down to the wire. Republican leaders in Washington are picking sides between the GOP and Conservative candidates, while our movement is united behind a strong candidate for change: Bill Owens.

Last week, President Obama wrote folks in the 23rd district to announce his support for Bill. But he’s counting on supporters from all over New York to help send him a strong ally in Congress. Election Day is approaching fast — even a few hours of your time could make a tremendous difference.

Just like last year, we all need to get involved in order to win — so volunteers will be knocking on doors, calling voters, and helping to get out the vote for Bill Owens on Tuesday. Sign up to join them:



Melissa DeRosa
New York State Director
Organizing for America

P.S. — President Obama’s email announcing his support for Bill Owens is below.

—————Original Message—————
From: President Barack Obama
Subject: Bill Owens

Friend —

As a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, Bill Owens served at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Then, as a leader in the North Country community, he helped lead the redevelopment of that base and bring thousands of jobs to the region.

As I work to change the tone of our nation’s politics and end the petty partisanship that has dominated Washington for too long, I’ll need the help of leaders like Bill.

That’s why I’m proud to announce my support for Bill Owens, candidate for Congress in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

But my support will only take Bill so far. As we learned last year, true change doesn’t come from folks in Washington, but from the dedication and energy of people like you.

So today, I’m hoping you will volunteer with Bill’s campaign and help us send him to Congress.

Bill Owens has a crucial role to play in our effort to bring change to our nation. In these trying economic times, Bill has a proven record of creating jobs.

He fought tirelessly to recruit businesses to Upstate New York. And when Plattsburgh Air Force Base closed, Bill jumped into action, helping to ensure that the land was used to create jobs. All told, Bill’s leadership helped bring over 2,000 jobs to the North Country.

Last year, our movement won a historic election. But real change never comes easily, so I’m going to need your help again — this time, to elect Bill Owens.

I know I can count on Bill’s support as we work together to help middle-class families by reforming our health insurance system and getting our economy back on track. Can I count on you to help send him to Congress?

Thank you,

President Barack Obama


All-In for Owens?