Asbury Park Press endorses Christie

The Asbury Park Press today endorsed Republican Christopher Christie, the former United States Attorney, for Governor.

"We we believe he will work diligently to contain government spending at all levels of government. We believe he will work aggressively to bring public employee salaries and benefits under control. We believe he will take the steps necessary to make New Jersey attractive to businesses again and set the stage for the creation of private-sector jobs. And we are confident he will continue to fight political corruption as vigorously as governor as he did as U.S. Attorney," the editorial said.

The APP says that Gov. Jon "Corzine has done nothing to warrant re-election. In many areas he has left the state in worse shape than when he found it."

"Independent Chris Daggett, who has become the darling of the disaffected, is not a viable alternative," the APP wrote. "Despite his delusional claims, he has no chance of winning. A vote for him is, in essence, a vote for Corzine." Asbury Park Press endorses Christie