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1. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn on your computer and have it sing you a little ditty? The charming Web site Let Them Sing it for You allows you to do just that , and was a favorite among VSL readers this month. Simply type in lyrics of your choosing and get ready to hear a clever mishmash of splice-rock songs for each word. To read the original email, CLICK HERE .

2. Another top pick for October? The talented Chinese artist Liu Bolin’s photograph series “Camouflage.” These amazing pictures have Bolin disappearing, chameleonlike, into his surroundings to surreal effect . To read the original email, CLICK HERE .

3. Welcome to the new civilized e-age! Paperless Post, another favorite this month, is a site that brings the same amount of personalized touch and thoughtfulness to invitations sent electronically as those received through good old-fashioned snail mail. There’s a dizzying array of card styles, fonts and design flourishes to choose from, and in addition to being environmentally sound, it lets you easily monitor as recipients receive their invitations, and manage their replies. To read the original email, CLICK HERE .

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