Bloomberg and Thompson on New Taxes

Today, Michael Bloomberg said it might be possible to get through the next fiscal year without raising what he called (in a Pataki-esque formulation) “job-killing taxes,” while Thompson acknowledged that taxes might have to be raised for earners of higher incomes.

“I think that we can get through the next year, fiscal year, without any tax increases in the city,” Bloomberg told reporters before today’s Columbus Day Parade in midtown. “I don’t think the taxpayers can really stand any more taxes at any level, whether they’re starting up the economic ladder or their at the top of the economic ladder. We don’t want more job-killing taxes.”

“That’s hard to be able to predict,” said Thompson when asked about possibly having to raise taxes next year. “Right now, we don’t know where the economy is going to go, how fast things are going to bounce back.”

During another chat with reporters, Thompson said, “I’ve talked about increasing taxes on those making half a million dollars a year, or more,” and he said, “If we’re going to have tax increases, they should be focused on wealthier New Yorkers.” Bloomberg and Thompson on New Taxes