Bloomberg Downplays Obama’s Thompson Endorsement

After getting a tepid endorsement from Barack Obama’s spokesman, Bill Thompson is expected to get a warmer reception from the president, who is in town today.

When asked what he’d like to Obama to say, Thompson told reporters, “I have no idea what the president is going to say. I think his endorsement has been helpful so far. I’d like him to add to it and put a little more substance to it, but I think his endorsement so far has been helpful. Very grateful for that endorsement , and proud of that endorsement. So, we’ll see what the president has to say. The one thing I don’t think any of us would try and do is put words in President Barack Obama’s mouth.”

Michael Bloomberg, at an event this morning, sought to downplay Obama’s endorsement, telling reporters, “I don’t know whether he’s going to energize” Democratic voters in the city. “He’s the leader of the Democratic Party. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that he would endorse the Democratic candidate.”

Bloomberg was speaking by the ferry terminal in Lower Manhattan where he picked up up the endorsement of Democratic Representative Mike McMahon of Staten Island. There, Bloomberg sought to associate himself with Obama, while downplaying the president’s endorsement of Thompson.

“There’s a whole host of things that I’ve worked with this administration,” said Bloomberg. “And it has nothing to do with who he endorses, it has to do with the fact that I will work with anybody that is going to do the things that are right and needed by New York City.”

“This race isn’t about party politics. It’s about leadership,” Bloomberg said. Bloomberg Downplays Obama’s Thompson Endorsement