Bloomberg Hits Thompson on Taxes

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is critizing Bill Thompson in a new television ad, calling the comptroller a flip-flopper for supporting “across the board” tax increases before criticizing Bloomberg for not taxing the wealthy.

This ad makes use of Thompson’s own words to defend one of Bloomberg’s most unpopular moves.

Thompson has used Bloomberg’s decisions about fees, taxes and penalties to make the case that he’s a regressive mayor who favors the rich over poor and middle-class New Yorkers.

UPDATE: Thompson spokeswoman Anne Fenton said the speech was made in 2008, before middle class New Yorkers were really burdened by the economic slowdown.

“That speech was given in October 2008 when the economy was beginning to falter. Since then, NYC has experienced an economic tailspin with very little help being directed towards working class people.

“The disproportionate burdens that have been placed on the middle class by Mike Bloomberg including an 87% increase in property taxes, 98% water rate increase and a blitz of over 10 million tickets last year alone, has resulted in the middle class leaving New York and not the under taxed millionaires.” Bloomberg Hits Thompson on Taxes