Burzichelli and DeCroce spar over ‘wasteful spending’

Assembly Deputy Speaker John Burzichelli (D-Paulsboro) says that the Assembly Republican leader should follow his own example and criticize gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie for billing $400-per-night hotel rooms to the federal government while serving as U.S. Attorney.

The Assembly Republican office has frequently used the state Open Public Records Act (OPRA) to uncover wasteful spending in state government, Burzichelli says, noting that Minority Leader Alex DeCroce "questioned state education officials over hotel stays of $200 – less than half of the cost of Christie's rooms – and criticized one school employee for billing crab cakes to the taxpayers."

"When it comes to denouncing Chris Christie for exhibiting the exact same conduct he has been so quick to criticize before, it seems that Mr. DeCroce's desire is as cool as, well, the other side of the pillow," said Burzichelli.

But DeCroce says he finds it amusing that Burzichelli suddenly wants to talk about wasteful spending by government officials.

"Assemblyman Burzichelli… has ignored every documented case of state waste that Republicans uncovered since he has been in office, is suddenly so interested in federal travel vouchers," DeCroce said. "For years, Burzichelli has been missing in action while Republicans were exposing billions of dollars in state waste and fiscal abuse. His silence was deafening when Republicans proposed ways to save billions of dollars in state spending. His overnight conversion to the cause is nothing short of miraculous.

Burzichelli and DeCroce spar over ‘wasteful spending’