CFB Dismisses Thompson’s Complaint Against Bloomberg, Then Changes Rules

Bill Thompson’s complaint against Michael Bloomberg for not publicly accounting for the the personal contributions he’s given to candidates has been dismissed.

The city Campaign Finance Board said their rules weren’t clarified before the issue was raised by Thompson back in August. Thompson complained that Bloomberg personally donated millions of dollars without declaring it as campaign spending. Bloomberg people responded by saying it wasn’t required, and then provided a list of other citywide candidates, all of them Democrats, who have done the same thing.

But, starting in January of next year, those kind of contributions will have to be reported, the Board has said.

“The Board has never previously clarified for candidates that they must report to the Board political contributions made with personal funds,” the Board wrote.

“Therefore, candidates—including Bloomberg—who have not reported these political contributions for the 2009 election cycle will not be found in violation of the Act or Board Rules, and such contributions will not be considered in the Board’s audit review of disclosure reports.”

Overall, it’s a pass for Bloomberg and moral victory for Thompson, who gets to claim he was right without have something concrete to throw at Bloomberg in the final days of the campaign.

The board also announced it’s issuing matching funds to candidates, including $56,705 to Thompson. CFB Dismisses Thompson’s Complaint Against Bloomberg, Then Changes Rules