Christie: Obama can’t sit in the governor’s chair

WAYNE – Over the course of the coming days, national Democrats willarrive amid hooplato boost a governor stuck at 40% in the polls.

"But this race is between me andJon Corzine," GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie told reporters in the post-debate press room here at William Paterson University.

"I'm happyPresident Barack Obamais coming in," said Christie."They may come in and say great things aboutJon Corzine, butif they electJon Corzineit's not likeBarack ObamaorBill Clinton isgoing to move inand run the Statehusse. One of two people will be sitting in the governor's chair. I havegreat respect forBarack Obama, butwhether it's him orJoe Bidenor anyone else who comes waltzing in, we're going to be stuck with another four years" unless the publicvotes for him (Christie).

Asked who among GOP luminaries would bevisiting New Jerseyto campaign for him, Christie said he wasn't expecting any help.

"I've gone on my own for the most part," he said. Christie: Obama can’t sit in the governor’s chair