Conde Comes to Your iPhone

Conde Nast is experimenting with a new way to remain glossy and aesthetically pleasing even after the death of print: it will begin releasing magazines in the form of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Reports Ad Age:

Users will be able to see every page as it appears in print as well as renderings of all the content tailored for display on the small screen. They will also be able to watch related videos, hear audio and visit advertisers’ sites without leaving the app.

The app-magazines will cost $2.99, and will premier with GQ‘s December issue. Ad Age says that Conde Nast’s offering comes after just three months of internal development.

Maybe this was the kind of thing Ruth Reichl had in mind when she told John Koblin that magazines would be moving “to another platform”–one that was “very exciting” but “not online”? Conde Comes to Your iPhone