Corzine and Christie camps spin the QPac numbers

In an email to supporters, Chris Christie Campaign Manager Bill Stepien struck an optimistic tone despite the Quinnipiac University poll from this morning showing his candidate trailing Gov. Jon Corzine by five points.

“The good news is that voters are paying attention: 2 of the 3 public polls released in the last 24 hours show Chris ahead!” said Stepien, referring to surveys from Rasmussen Reports and Public Policy Polling that both showed Christie with a four point lead.

But neither of those polls have the heft of Quinnipiac. The campaign itself seized on Quinnipiac’s summer poll numbers, which showed Christie leading by double digits.

Stepien did not discount today’s poll, but he did pick out one statistic that looked positive for Christie.

“Chris's lead among the all-important Independent voters grew from 9 points to 15 points since their last poll,” he said.

Democrats, of course, had an easier time spinning the poll In their favor.

Democratic State Chairman Joseph Cryan said that “Jon Corzine has pulled further ahead in this race for one simple reason. Every day for the past four years, Jon Corzine has been an honest, dedicated public servant, fighting for what matters most for New Jersey families…. “We’re up five points with six days to go as momentum continues to grow for Jon Corzine, Loretta Weinberg and Democrats across the state. ”

Corzine and Christie camps spin the QPac numbers