Corzine campaign tries to drive mammogram message with Florida congresswoman

Trying toamplify Loretta Weinberg's arguments from last night's debate about the need for state mandates protecting mammogram coverage for women, the Corzine campaign this afternoon enlisted the help of breast cancer survivor U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D-Florida).

"I wanted to express my concern as someone who recently spent some time up close to the country's health care system," the congresswoman said in a conference call with reporters. "With every passing day, thecomments uttered by he (GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie)or his running mate show just how of touch they are. Last night,(GOPLG candidate Kim Guadagno) trivialized the issue by suggesting the campaign wasn't about mammograms.

"What's more important than electing a candidate who understands the importance of mammogram coverage?" Wasserman Schultz added. "It's a testament to how extreme the Republican Party is that the candidates they offer are more and more out off touch. I hope women voters are paying close attention to this election year. The stakes are very high for women. IfChris Christieis elected, they're turning back the clock."

In a News 12/Millennium Radio lieutenant governor's debate last night at Monmouth University, Guadagno told Weinberg that the Corzine campaigninsists on talking aboutthe mammogram issue – instead of property taxes – because they know the poll-tested unpopularity of the Republican team's position of not requiring insurance companies to cover mammogram screenings helps mobilize independent women voters toward Corzine.

Not requiringinsurance companies toshoulder the cost of mammogram coverage is a giveaway to those companies, which have donated $100,000 to the Christie campaign, said Weinberg.

Corzine campaign tries to drive mammogram message with Florida congresswoman