Corzine continues to slap Christie on mammograms

Gov. Jon Corzine continues to advocate his support of expanded access to health care while criticizing GOP rival Christopher Christie for a plan that could allow insurance companies to drop coverage for mammograms.

"While I have worked to expand healthcare to cover more kids and passed the paid family leave law to ensure workers can care for sick relatives or newborns, Chris Christie would side with the big insurance companies by giving them free-rein to drop coverage for critical procedures like mammograms," Corzine said during a roundtable discussion today with breast cancer survivors to mark National Mammography Day. "The insurance companies don't need a governor, New Jersey families do."

The Corzine campaign says that Christie has "repeatedly stated his support for healthcare plans that would allow insurance companies to bypass state mandates for procedures including mammograms" and repeated their claim that "big health insurance companies helped raise more than $100,000 for Christie's campaign."

Monmouth County Freeholder Amy Mallet, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at age nineteen, says she knows firsthand of the importance to women having access to mammograms.

"It's simply unconscionable that Chris Christie would want to move New Jersey backwards by siding with the big insurance companies," Mallet said. "These mandates are not ‘extravagant benefits' for ‘young, single consumers' as stated on his website. New Jersey women and families deserve a Governor who will fight for them unconditionally".

Corzine continues to slap Christie on mammograms