Corzine spending less than four years ago

Governor Corzine is spending less on his reelection than he did to win his first term four years ago.

Corzine has raised and spend a total of $16.8 million — $15.6 million of which comes from his own pocket. That’s significantly less than Corzine had raised and spent 29 days out from election day in 2005, when an ELEC report showed him having raised a total of $20.1 million and having spent $18.86 million.

By the end of Corzine’s 2005 race, he spent a total of just under $40 million compared to Republican Doug Forrester’s $19.5 million.

Corzine’s current Republican opponent, Chris Christie, will only be able to spend just over half of what Forrester did. Since Christie accepts public financing, his war chest is capped at $10.9 million. Corzine spending less than four years ago