Corzine wants Christie to join in FOIA requests

Jon Corzine's campaign manager is asking GOP rival Christopher Christie to join in their request for the immediate release of documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

"In light of the recent New York Times report that First Assistant United States Attorney Michele Brown may have been assisting the Christie campaign while working in the non-partisan US Attorney's Office … we are calling on Chris Christie to join with us to demand the Office completely release and comply with our Freedom of Information Act requests," said Maggie Moran, Corzine's campaign manager.

Moran accused Christie of abusing taxpayer funds on "trips around the world and limousine rentals for drives to Atlantic City" and said that those expenses lead to questions of abuse that require the completion of the FOIA requests.

"There was clearly some level of coordination going on between Christie and the United States Attorney's office and, beyond any investigations that may take place as a result, New Jersey voters have a right to a full vetting of Chris Christie as it relates to his candidacy," Moran said. "As someone who publicly champions transparency, we expect Christie to join us in openly demanding the release of these records." Corzine wants Christie to join in FOIA requests