Courier News backs Biondi and Coyle

The Courier News has endorsed Republican incumbents Peter Biondi and Denise Coyle for re-election to the State Assembly in District 16.

"If Chris Christie wins the governor's race, Republicans will once again have a seat at the legislative table in Trenton," the editorial said. "And if that happens, Republican incumbents Denise Coyle and Peter Biondi deserve to stick around and sit at that table. Their basic approach to fiscal restraint warrants more attention in Trenton."

"Their Democratic challengers, Mark Petraske of Montgomery and Roberta Karpinecz of Somerville, criticize their opponents for the paltry number of sponsored bills they've had passed But it's a hollow complaint. What else could be expected from a pair of legislators in the distinct Statehouse minority struggling in a bitterly partisan environment in which the other side of the aisle is strictly enemy territory?," the newspaper said. Courier News backs Biondi and Coyle