Courier News endorses Christie

Central Jersey Gannett newspaper the Courier Newstoday endorsed Republican Chris Christie for governor.

From their endorsement:

"Earlier in the year Christie appeared a potential shoo-in for victory. He had built a reputation as a corruption-busting U.S. attorney, a resume that resonated with New Jerseyans terribly weary of dirty politicians in their midst. He also carried with him the promise of a cost-cutting Republican who could rein in the Trenton Democratic spending machine devouring the state.

"But that message has gotten lost. A few minor skeletons tumbled out of his closet — a poor driving record, an undisclosed loan to a co-worker. But the overriding negative perception of Christie is also entirely unfair, that he's a would-be tax cutter without a plan. Blame a poorly constructed campaign for that, not Christie.

"Fact is, Christie has offered many specific ideas on how to cut government spending, mirroring much of Gannett New Jersey's own 20-point plan to ease New Jersey's tax crush. Pension reforms, requirements for public employees to contribute more toward their benefits, a two-thirds legislative supermajority for all tax increases — they've all been proposed by Christie, along with many other initiatives."

Courier News endorses Christie