Crime Waves: Bernie The Bruiser and Slammed Straight

Bernie Madoff has experienced an important prison rite of passage, reports the Post. He has been involved in his “first known physical altercation.”

But while new to the world of prison fighting, Madoff is old, the Post reminds us, and stood “red-faced and glaring” over “another senior-citizen jailbird” after shoving him to the ground.

The source of the conflict was “of all things, the stock market.”

Justice has carried Madoff away from New York (he’s currently imprisoned in North Carolina), but the city may be getting a fresh influx of notorious criminals. The Daily News reports that Khalid Shaikh Mohammad and four other Guantanamo prisoners “may soon be flown to New York to face death penalty trials. Officials anticipate a decision by November 16th on the possible move. If it goes through, the “9/11 mastermind” would be tried in a courthouse “blocks from Ground Zero.”

And Lemon Andersen’s autobiorgraphical broadway show (County of Kings, now at the Public Theater) recounts the troubled brooklyn upbringing that led to jail terms for robbery and drug dealing before he discovered slam poetry. In other words, says the Daily News, he “uses rhymes to escape a life of crime.”

Crime Waves: Bernie The Bruiser and Slammed Straight