Crime Waves: Hiram Monserrate Makes Headway, So Does Andrew Cuomo

The city’s three dailies are talking about a lot of the same stories today, in part because it’s an unusually crimey day for the Times’ assignment desk.

So how about that old lady? The one who got mugged in Queens? Apparently she’s still in great shape–at 103!

They videotaped Rose Morat’s testimony when she was attacked in ’07, says the Times, “in case she was unable to testify when the trial began.”

But no problem, it turns out. “Still spry,” says the Daily News. “Couldn’t be happier.”

Thinking back on the attack, Morat told the Post she feels “sorry for people who do things like that.”

Anyway, the guy was found guilty of a hate crime because he targeted old ladies.

Hiram Monserrate–the judge threw out two of the six counts of assault against him, the ones that accused him of acting “recklessly.” Which makes sense, says the Times: “You can’t convict on both theories,” Justice Erlbaum told the prosecution, who were making the case that Monserrate acted intentionally.

“But Monserrate could still face up to seven years,” the Post says.

At this point the Daily News begins to sound a little fixated, because it’s just talking about how Karla Giraldo was drunk the night of the attack.

The Times and the Post both get very excited about Andrew Cuomo going after Raymond Harding, the ringleader in a coruption case involving the state’s pension fund.

“Pension $cam,” says the Post. The Times expresses itself without a dollar sign, but agrees. It looks pretty bad: Harding admitted he took more than $800,000 in exchange to do favors for the former comptroller.

Teen burglar! Hero Cops! Anna Nicole!” says the Daily News.

  Crime Waves: Hiram Monserrate Makes Headway, So Does Andrew Cuomo