Crime Waves: Let Us Resume Our Intimate Relationship

Two New York-based Kazakh brothers have been accused of marriage and visa fraud, conspiracy, and stealing public money, reports the Daily News. The pair arranged matches between Russian brides and American soldiers, an arrangement that gave the former citizenship and the latter $600 housing bonuses. The brothers themselves also had wake wives, one of whom “told agents that she is a lesbian and married him only to obtain citizenship.”

Karla Giraldo’s lawyer has written to the court asking that the restraining order against Hiram Monserrate be lifted: the couple hopes to resume their “intimate relationship.”

“Let me be his love again,” the Post headline summarizes the “Hiram gal” Giraldo’s sentiments.

Lawyer Glenn Marshall offered a less-than-heartening defense of the couple’s intimate relationship:

“Furthermore, given the intense level of public scrutiny which currently surrounds Sen. Monserrate, there is no realistic danger that he will cause future injury to Ms. Giraldo,” Marshall wrote.

Crime Waves: Let Us Resume Our Intimate Relationship