Crime Waves: Make Off With Bernie’s Mercedes

Despite the ardent protests of his fellow famous people, Roman Polanski will indeed be extradited if the U.S. government has its way. The feds filed a formal request late yesterday:

The request has been forwarded to Zurich authorities, who will hold a hearing on an unspecified date to decide whether Polanski should be sent back to Los Angeles. If extradition is approved, Polanski may appeal the decision to Switzerland’s top criminal court and, theoretically, to the Federal Supreme Court.

The U.S. had until late November to file for extradition, but the Swiss were already asking on Oct. 5 that the Americans expedite the process, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Meanwhile, the Daily News reports that Victoria Los, a terminal colon cancer patient, “vowed to kill” an executive at Sunset Park’s Lutheran Medical Center:

She was arrested last year after she told a retired detective at a bar that she wanted to find someone to kill the hospital’s vice president, Myles Davis, according to court records.

Prosecutors sent an undercover cop to seal the deal, but Los balked because she had no money. At the cop’s suggestion, she gave him some jewelry.

She went to jail for 14 months, but will now be returning home:

Prosecutors fought to keep Los locked up, even after the Rikers Island medical director twice urged a “compassionate release” because of her cancer.
“She has said that before she died one of the things she wants to do is kill Myles Davis,” prosecutor Joe Alexis said. “We are not going to take that chance.”
Justice Gustin Reichbach felt sufficiently confident of Myles Davis’s safety to release Los on bail.

Up for auction today in East Brunswick, New Jersey: a 2001 black Mercedes E320 wagon. 41,712 miles. Blue Book value $15,000. Used to belong to Bernie Madoff. A steal in many senses!

Crime Waves: Make Off With Bernie’s Mercedes