Crime Waves: ‘More Drunk Than Tipsy’

Perhaps the Daily News deserves points for prescience: both the Times and the Post devoted space to parsing the nuances of Spanish-language drunkenness descriptors this morning. “Karla Giraldo was ‘borracha’ rather than ‘mareada’ — more drunk than tipsy,” writes the Times, summarizing the testimony that the Daily News covered yesterday.

The Daily News also won when it came to covering what the Post called a “slash rampage” in Harlem. The Post has the general story and the Times has the criminal’s weird hobbies (collecting fish tanks?), but the Daily News has a photo of the “medieval-looking” weapon.

In other crime news, a group of Brooklynites has committed extensive credit-card fraud, Mayor Bloomberg showed up the feds undercover investigator of scummy gun dealers and Bernice Zap is worried about an emergent red light district.

And in Long Island City, a strip club proprietor is threatening to make his establishment less classy if the community board won’t let him have a liquor license:

Gus Drakopoulos . . . said the club itself can proceed with or without the license. Without alcohol on the premises, he said, exotic dancers can dance fully nude instead of topless and the minimum age drops from 21 to 18.

Would Drakopoulos, who said Sin City aspires to be a classier, more upscale establishment than what typically goes in the outer boroughs, be willing to go that route?

“If they leave me no choice, yes,” he said. “We don’t want to, but we have the right.”

He’s a wily one! As we learn more clearly later in the Post‘s story:

Drakopoulos, who was formerly in the investment field, said he opened Sin City seven years ago after the markets took a tumble. But federal documents show he was indicted by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission on insider trading charges in 2002.

Drakopoulos pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud in 2006.


  Crime Waves: ‘More Drunk Than Tipsy’