Crime Waves: ‘You Don’t Hit a Woman. You Love a Woman.’

State Senator Hiram Monserrate was found guilty of misdemeanor assault, but acquitted of felony charges. The ruling provoked mixed reactions from his constituents, said the Times:

Andrew Perez, 54, a high school teacher, called the verdict “a step backwards for women” but stopped short of saying that Mr. Monserrate had lost his support.

“With this incident, along with what happened this summer when he switched to Republican and then reversed, I’ll be very careful whether I vote for him again,” Mr. Perez said. “Whether they are politicians, movie stars, musicians — they are all human beings. They all have faults. I like to judge a person by what they actually do for their constituents.”

Others were less charitable.

“He’s a lucky man,” said Sammy Williams, 41, who voted for Mr. Monserrate last year but said he would not do so again. “Any normal person would be locked up for years. Domestic violence. Guaranteed. You don’t hit a woman. You love a woman.”

Bernie Madoff’s son Mark manages his domestic disputes more peacefully, says the Post. After a Wednesday night argument (repeatedly characterized as “bitter”) with his wife Stephanie, Madoff did what any decent man would do: he hopped on his Vespa and went to the Soho Grand, where he checked in under an assumed name. He returned home the next morning.

Mark was “known as the outgoing frontman at his dad’s firm,” but was reportedly “prone to depressive mood swings and physical ailments, including stomach troubles.”

This is not as much excitement as one  might expect from a Madoff. But the dailies also have plenty of fraud on which to report today. Thirty-one people were arrested yeterday in a mortgage scam, says the Post, and the  Daily News has the story of a fake lawyer/actual bigamist who ripped off illegal immigrants.

Crime Waves: ‘You Don’t Hit a Woman. You Love a Woman.’