Cullen goes after Daggett

With independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett starting to see double digit poll numbers and riding high after winning the endorsement of the state’s largest newspaper, a more obscure independent candidate tried to take him down a notch.

Jason Cullen, who calls himself an “independent-conservative” candidate, issued a press release today calling Daggett a “product of the Republican Party” who is “playing a great game of deception with the voters of New Jersey.”

Cullen went on to criticize Daggett’s plan for reducing property taxes by expanding the state sales tax, saying that “the Cullen administration will not pander to special interests to maintain spending levels by introducing cloak-and-dagger tax schemes. I will cut taxes and spending dramatically and return state government to the people of New Jersey.”

Cullen is the chairman of the board of health in tiny Riverdale, his home town. He has raised $2,547 so far for his gubernatorial race and has $838 on hand, according to the latest reports he filed with the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). Cullen goes after Daggett