Cuomo to Washington, FYI

ALBANY—Attorney General Andrew Cuomo doesn't usually put out a "public schedule" like some other elected figures, but today he did, to let us know he'll be in Washington meeting with the president.






Attorney General Cuomo is in Washington, D.C.


1:15PM     Attends meeting with President Obama, Cabinet members, and Congressional leaders regarding financial regulatory reform


2:00PM     Attends President Obama's remarks on financial regulatory reform


Often these public schedules include an admonition of "for planning purposes only." This one doesn't. It's "for immediate release."

A Cuomo aide said the trip was made at the White House's invitation, and that he will be meeting with Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Valerie Jarrett as well as Senator Chris Dodd and Representative Barney Frank. Cuomo is discussing a consumer protection agency, and how state lawmakers can enforce these tighter regulations; Cuomo has styled himself as "the people's lawyer" and taken many consumer protection actions as attorney general, including actions involving student loan companies and a health care billing company.

"It's about working with the administration to better protect consumers," said Benjamin Lawsky, a special assistant to the attorney general who is accompanying him on the trip.

This trip follows a big conspicuous sloppy kiss Cuomo got from Obama when the president came to an event in Troy. Obama aides have reportedly expressed to David Paterson that they do not support him for election next year; Cuomo insists "at this time" his only plan is to run for another term as attorney general. Period. The trip is entirely work related, Lawsky said, and Cuomo has no plans to meet with Patrick Gaspard, Obama's political director.

And Paterson? His public schedule indicates he's "in New York City and has no public schedule."

Cuomo to Washington, FYI