Daggett and RGA trade barbs

Independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett responded to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) ad against him by laying it at the feet of Republican Chris Christie’s brother, Todd.

"This ad was essentially paid for by the $200,000 contribution that Todd Christie laundered through the Republican Governors Association to help his brother’s campaign in New Jersey in circumvention of the $3,400 limit that my campaign is honoring," said Daggett in a press release that accompanied a press conference he held in Trenton this morning.

“There’s two standards in New Jersey,’’ he said. “One for the Christie brothers and one for everyone else.’’

The 60-second RGA radio spot says that Daggett’s tax plan is like Gov. Jon Corzine’s, “only worse.”

Although Daggett says that his candidacy eats into support for both major party candidates equally, polls show him sapping anti-incumbent votes from Christie. While Corzine has treated the independent gently, Christie recently has downplayed the significance of his candidacy, calling it “an amusement.”

By running the ad, however, the RGA seemed to acknowledge that Daggett could hurt Christie’s chances against Corzine.

The group admitted as much in a press release, callin Daggett “A Corzine in sheep’s clothing.”

“A vote for Chris Daggett is a vote for Jon Corzine,” said RGA Communications Director Mike Schrimpf. “This November, New Jerseyans will have more than 10 choices on the ballot, but there are only two who can win: Chris Christie and Jon Corzine.”

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee said the ad "reeks of desperation."

"Republicans in New Jersey arein disarray and losing confidence in their ethicallychallengedcandidate," said DNC spokesman Michael Czin.


Daggett and RGA trade barbs