Daggett brings back TV look-alikes

Lampooning what he sees as their inability to credibly close an $8 billion gap in the state's budget, independent gubernatorial candidate ChrisDaggett today released a webad featuring look-alike actors portraying Democratic Gov.Jon Corzine and Republican challenger Chris Christie.

"Whoever did this ought to go to jail,’’ cries the Christie look-alike.

"Just raise property taxes,’’says the faux Corzine.

Then Daggettaffirms his property taxplan.

"I call it: ’Don’t spend money you don’t have,'" the candidate says. "My plan cuts high property taxes, income and corporate taxes that driving families and businesses out of New Jersey.’’

Released late in the summer, Daggett's first TV ad also featured the Christie and Corzine look-alikes. Daggett brings back TV look-alikes