Daggett camp says debate-fueled fundraising bump is modest

Independent gubernatorial Christopher Daggett got great press based on his performance in Thursday night’s gubernatorial debate, but that has only translated into a modest fundraising bump, according to his campaign.

Daggett spokesman Tom Johnson said that he did not know the exact numbers, but that the campaign has seen a small increase in donations – especially from internet users.

‘We’re seeing a bump on both online and campaign donations from people who have never donated to us before,” said Johnson. “I’d say it's probably modest.”

Daggett was able to raise the $340,000 necessary to qualify for two-for-one matching funds from the state in July, which got him an initial payout of $477,000. But since then he has not been able to raise much money. Since August, Enforcement Commission (ELEC) has authorized $128,000 in payments to Daggett, which puts the figure he’s raised himself at about $64,000.

Republican gubernatorial nominee Chris Christie, by contrast, has gotten almost $4 million from the state since August.

Daggett camp says debate-fueled fundraising bump is modest