Did You Digg It?

If the NYTimes.com most-emailed list was curated by Aunt Mabel, Digg.com’s ‘top news in all content’ list is probably generated by her 20- (or 30-) something nephew: a Twittering, iPhone wielding, card-carrying member of Generation Wii. Here’s what this dude (we’ll call him Kevin) and the rest of Diggnation have been Diggin’ in the past week:

Fox News isn’t even pretending anymore — Over at Salon, Gene Lyons is calling out the network for dropping “all but the barest pretense of objectivity,” calling them Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth.” Comment from Qyasok: “I don’t think Fox News was EVER pretending. Now they’re just meaner and more desperate. The sad thing is, you’d think CNN would thus be cleaning their clocks, but they’re too busy FACT CHECKING a SNL skit.”

9 Actual Examples of Why Google Search Is Better Than Yahoo! — On Maxim.com’s “Stupid Fun” blog, their writers decide that they’re going to decide to settle the Google vs. Yahoo! engine debate by checking out search suggestions. Google gives initial suggestions like “how do I tell my girlfriend to lose weight” or “how do I convince my girlfriend to give me head.” Meanwhile, Yahoo! comes up with search suggestions like “how do I convince my husband” and “how do I tell my girlfriend I love her.” Maxim concludes: “It’s now obvious to us—women are running Yahoo!” Digger Darnubbi notes: “um…A woman IS running Yahoo..” That’s Carol Bartz, natch!

Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana — An AP article on Yahoo! News reports on a Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to give a marriage license to an interracial couple “out of concern for any children the couple might have.” “I think those children suffer and I won’t help put them through it,” he said. Top comment from codemonkeysteve: “He’s right, the best a mixed-race child could ever hope for is to be President of the USA.”

Fourth-Grader To Obama: Why Does Everyone Hate You? — “They’re supposed to love you,” the young boy said at a New Orleans town hall meeting. Mr. Obama’s replied that criticism is meant to keep him on his toes. “When things are tough, you’re gonna get some of the blame,” Obama said. But, he added, “I’m a tough guy. Are you a tough guy? You look pretty tough.” (Cue collective “awwwww.”)

Balloon Boy: “…We did this for the show.” — Gawker’s post on wee Falcon Heene’s appearance with his family on Larry King Live, in which he blurts out, “You guys said that, um, we did this for the show.” In the comment section, Diggers think Mr. Heene farted after Falcon’s apparent “confession.” Kruse says: “I can’t wait to see what the South Park guys do with this.”

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Help a Girl Move — HolyTaco.com has the goods: “Helping a girl move is like sitting through a screening of Beverly Hills Chihuahua with a clothespin on your ballsack: it’s completely miserable, it hurts like hell, and you gain absolutely nothing from it.” TSK05 comments: “Department of redundancy department.”

Judge: Mobile Phone Ringtones are Not Concerts — According to this report from Wired.com, a federal judge had to rule against the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, who were arguing that anytime a cell phone rings, say, a Jay-Z ringtone, the iPhone users is committing copyright infringement. Since people around them can hear the song, the mobile phone is a “portable concert hall,” according to them. The ASCAP was suing AT&T and Verizon in a New York federal court. The top comments on Digg shout various expletives to the RIAA, which has nothing to do with the case.

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License — The same article from a few links up, only this time, from the Huffington Post. The Digg comments here focus more on the judge claiming that he isn’t racist because he has black friends, he just doesn’t want to marry interracial couples. Comment from kelpdip: “I have boxcars of Jewish friends.”

U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects — The Washington Times reports on a study by the Center for Defense Information that found senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects “largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops.”

House Republicans Call on Obama to Fire ‘Safe Schools Czar’ — Fox News reports on 53 House Republicans urging Obama to fire his “safe schools czar” Kevin Jennings over concerns that he wants to “exclusively” promote a “homosexual agenda” and that “as a schoolteacher years ago he did not report that a young student told him he was having sex with an older man.” The top comment is from tracygav, who posted a statement from Mr. Jennings’ former student: “I find it regrettable that the people who have the compassion and integrity to protect our nation’s students are themselves in need of protection from homophobic smear attacks. Were it not for Mr. Jennings’ courage and concern for my well-being at that time in my life, I doubt I’d be the proud gay man that I am today.” Did You Digg It?