Elsewhere: 336:1

charlie rangel

The AP moves a story about national Democrats not helping Bill Thompson.

The probe into Rangel expands.

Clean up before Bloomberg shows up!

Bloomberg is outspending Thompson 336 to 1 on ads.

Newt Gingrich weighed in against a school policy in Saratoga Springs.

Eric Massa has 22 staffers and sometimes sleeps in his office.

Giuliani is selling tickets in Ulster County.

Bob Conner has an idea to reduce bureaucracy.

The WFP backed Bill Owens.

Bill Clinton called the race to replace John McHugh a referendum on Obama’s policies.

A lot of Republicans in Washington don’t want to support Dede Scozzafava.

State Senator Joe Griffo backed her.

One of the NRCC’s ads in NY-23 “misleads,” according to fact check.

The defense rested in Hiram Monserrate’s trial without calling him to the stand.

Why weren’t the authorities notified so they could be arrested on the spot?” asks a gun-loving critic of Bloomberg’s gun investigation.

Bloomberg, “stay the heck out of Tn” Tweets a conservative gubernatorial candidate, menacingly.

Thompson compares Bloomberg to Bush.

Thompson has a four-minute video saying, basically, check my record.

Really? I mean…really? Are you out of your friggin’ mind?” David Sirota writes in response to David Yassky’s criticisms of the WFP.

Some readers,though not all, adopt a similar tone.

Paterson goes to Boro Park.

CeFaan Kim tracks down a bogus flier accusing Urlich of wanting to cut ferry funding.

Gerson eats with Chin, but hasn’t acknowledged his defeat yet, reports Downtown Express.

Andrew Sullivan explains running the original McCaughey article in TNR.

Andrea Batista Schlesinger blogs about Bloomberg’s immigration plan.

Hillary Clinton is helping out an organization that may be helpful to her one day. Elsewhere: 336:1