Elsewhere: $85.2 Million

Michael Bloomberg has hit $85.2 million.

Conservatives are coming to NY-23.

Tom DiNapoli hedged on David Paterson.

Joe Bruno is ready for trial.

New York is delaying a payment to the pension fund.

The Home Care Association has had enough.

Extreme Makeover, Buffalo.

Tom Suozzi has “the flash.

David Paterson is allergic to the flu shot.

Jude Seymour doesn’t get the Republicans.

Bill Owens is going to the Crown Point bridge.

No pistol permit for the Stephentown highway superintendent.

Bloomberg goes after Hamodia, despite the current.

He’s mobilizing on Twitter.

Greg Sargent asks what John Stossel is doing at conservative rallies.

Helen Rosenthal suggests taxing the Bloomberg campaign in order to fund Bill Thompson.

Bill de Blasio grabs the race issue.

And here’s Jonathan Lippman on New York NOW, which airs tonight at 7:30 and again on Sunday:


Elsewhere: $85.2 Million