Elsewhere: An Obama Endorsement of Sorts

barack obama after speech at nasdaq

Is this even an endorsement??” Tweets Josh Robin.

John Schiumo calls it the “kinda-sorta-well-if-I-have-to endorsement.”

It “wasn’t glowing” writes Ken Bazinet.

David Chen: “It was the most lukewarm and indirect of endorsements, delivered in the conditional tense, and coming from a presidential spokesman, no less.”

Passionless” says Fox.

Lukewarm” says Reuters.

Real Clear questions whether it ought to be called it an endorsement.

Alex Pareene thinks not really.

Good news to put out on a Friday: more eighth graders are getting left behind.

Eliot Spitzer 2010 is no longer a campaign web site.

Jude Seymour fact-checks Dede Scozzafava.

The State Senate has a new finance secretary.

Rick Lazio is mad that legislative per diems are rising.

Kirsten Gillibrand is supporting the public option.

Look at our women, says the Bloomberg campaign.

This blogger says the cozy relationship between Bloomberg and Obama is “obscene.”

Aaron Short questions what kind of support Vito Lopez will put behind Maritza Davila’s campaign.

SEIU prepares for redistricting.

Bloomberg said mayors know about who should be in City Hall, not senators. (Schumer and Gillibrand don’t respond.)

Elsewhere: An Obama Endorsement of Sorts