Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s Languages, Thompson’s Smile, NY-23 Numbers

The Syracuse Post-Standard endorsed Bill Owens.

Chris Collins has called Sheldon Silver the anti-Christ before.

Kos has nothing but ill will for the NY-23 candidates.

Kos/Research2000 find Hoffman and Owens nearly tied.

Scozzafava makes a heartfelt, low-budget appeal.

Kirsten Gillibrand is going to support Owens.

The Assembly analyzed Paterson’s deficit plan.

On the stump with Rick Lazio and the ghost of Rick Lazio.

Kevin Parker won’t be in court for a special session.

Peter Kiernan sees a plethora of primaries.

Daniel Squadron turns 30.

David Paterson still wants a spending cap.

Fearmongering on swine flu.

Andrew Cuomo shows Bill Thompson the Bronx.

City Room picks up the grade-tampering investigation.

Alison Cowan reads the teachers’s contract.

Glenn Thrush suggests reading the health care bill.

Cy Vance gets advice from the city’s four other DA’s.

Rock Hackshaw: “I am demanding an explanation from the White House.”

Jarrett Murphy says Thompson may be smiling, since polls in the last mayor’s race got the mayor’s margin of victory wrong by 50 percent.

What freelancers won from Bloomberg, they could lose to Albany.

I’m still trying to learn the Yiddish language,” said Bloomberg.

The Puffin Room is closed, thanks to “Bloomberg’s dramatic real estate tax increases.”

So long, Boston.

David Samuels looks at the rise of the new Yankee Stadium, and the fall of the city’s economy.

The White House arranged adult supervision for the Corzine campaign.

And above is footage of Assemblyman Jose Rivera almost supporting Andrew Cuomo 200 percent.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg’s Languages, Thompson’s Smile, NY-23 Numbers