Elsewhere: Clinton Parsed, Giuliani Mentioned, Owens Attacked

Here’s the hour-long Bloomberg-Thompson debate.

David Seifman watches Thompson vanish: “in a flash, the relentless and suddenly exciting challenger went back to being a very predictable politician.”

Bloomberg mentions Giuliani, but doesn’t show him, in his latest palm card.

Tom DiNapoli said the budget could be $4.1 billion out of balance.

Senate Republicans are having an I-told-you-so moment with the budget.

Math performance in New York is not as good as we thought.

Republicans are attacking people Bill Owens defended as a lawyer.

Owens wants another ad pulled.

Celeste Katz questions Bloomberg on his suggestion that he can avoid raising taxes.

Wayne Barrett notes Bloomberg connection to Pedro Espada. “Espada and Dan Squadron were the only two state senators who appeared in Sheekey’s logs after the election.”

Yoda wants someone to check the articles cited in Bloomberg’s ads.

Jon Stewart says CNN didn’t give Corey Johnson, and others, enough time to vent about Obama.

Weird: Gary Tilzer echoes Fred Siegel.

Stuart Appelbaum isn’t with Thompson on supporting Obama’s LGBT record so far.

Republicans circulate a clip of Charlie Rangel calling a reporter rude (which, for Rangel, is pretty mild).

A Belfast hotel owner suggests that Hillary Clinton wasn’t as close to The Troubles as she recalls.

Hillary Clinton, not Shermanesque.

Karen Koslowitz gets hotel workers.

Annabel Palma has a Green Party opponent.

Someone get Chris Cillizza a map.

More unflattering coverage of the NYPD’s handling of security at the debate.

And random trivia: anyone remember the last time Bill Thompson made the New York Post wood? Elsewhere: Clinton Parsed, Giuliani Mentioned, Owens Attacked