Elsewhere: Debate Night

A health care bill cleared the Senate Finance Committee.

The director of David Paterson's Washington office left.

The Monserrate trial concluded, with Joseph Tacopina proclaiming "the case is riddled with doubt."

Liz plays "what if…."

Paterson signed the green-jobs bill in Syracuse.


Is NY-23 going south for Republicans?

NYSUT backed Dede Scozzafava.

Vinny Gentile's Republican opponent said, "If you've always had an antagonistic relationship with the mayor, it's hard to work together."

B.E.T. notices Barack Obama's endorsement of Bill Thompson.

David Seifman: "At the same time that the city's fleet expanded, the size of the city's workforce remained relatively constant."

While fighting obesity, the city is giving out free coupons to fast food joints for some residents. 

Ben Smith detects some mockery in Bloomberg's "aggressive enough" comment.

A look at the mayoral candidates not in tonight's debate.

The endorsement Thompson got this morning was "notable," says NY1.

Roger Clark checks out pre-debate festivities.

A reader wonders if Vito Fossella will attend the Staten Island fund-raiser with Rudy Giuliani and Bloomberg.

Jon Corzine lures jobs away from lower Manhattan.

Sorry Thompson: EightIsEnough.com is not a campaign site. Neither is 8isEnough.com

Hackshaw wants Paterson to flip off his critics.

File this under W.T.F.

ThompsonTaxHike.com was created the same day Bloomberg unveiled his ad attacking Thompson on taxes.

And below, Morgan Hook explains absentee voting in NY-23:

Elsewhere: Debate Night