Elsewhere: Guns.

David Chen notes in his lede that Michael Bloomberg's gun investigation is coming one month before the general election.

So does The Raw Story.

It's $1.5 million cost was paid by NYC taxpayers, writes Sara Kugler.

(View another video on this below.)

Promoters of the gun shows where the investigations took place aren't talking.

Even to this reporter in Ohio.

WaPo notices the investigation.

"Damn" isn't the only four-letter word in Jimmy McMillan's life.

David Paterson took a shot at Al Sharpton.

Paterson defended Rangel, and doesn't want his job.

Andrew Cuomo's proposal for pension oversight gets digested.

Jerrold Nadler defends ACORN.

What will Eric Massa say on Saturday?

An editor in Brooklyn thinks anger over extending term limits will be tempered.

A DC 37 vice presidents asks of Bloomberg, "Is he an idiot or is he a fool?"

 The Post carries news of a Bloomberg endorsement.

Thompson on the offensive.

Aaron Short covers Thompson's Williambsurg opening.

Bloomberg knocks on a door in an Orthodox neighborhood.

Sofia London imagines a more powerful WFP than what we're seeing now.

Alex Zablocki doesn't want to be mayor.

"Do I have to watch this," Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend said at trail when shown surveillance video of the night he allegedly assaulted her.

S.J. Jung stops campaigning for the seat in Flushing.

The chairman of the committee on elections doesn't like run-offs.

Jeff Aubry's former chief of staff is supporting a Republican candidate (against Danny Dromm) who opposes same-sex marriage.

Eric Schneiderman is happy with new drug laws that took effect today.

The NRA endorsed Dede Scozzafava.

The president of the Club for Growth defended its endorsement of Doug Hoffman "without having to make any excuses for his positions on key economic growth issues."

Rick Lazio doesn't think state senators should go to China.

"Getting elected on a different party line is very much a challenge," said Lynn Schulman, now running on the WFP line.

Frances Villar gets attention from a Dominican newspaper. Elsewhere: Guns.