Elsewhere: McCaughey’s Original Sin, Schumer on Why Boston Sucks

Barack Obama tries to show that he’s not dragging his feet on D.A.D.T. and D.O.M.A.


If Betsy McCaughey committed the original sin, what does that make Anthony Weiner?

Kirsten Gillibrand is in a vortex, thanks to David Paterson.

New York will develop an Energy Policy Institute.

A state worker was arrested using confidential data to stalk the woman her son was convicted of raping.

The NRCC is trying to link Bill Owens to David Paterson.

As promised, David Paterson is not in the running to be mustached-American of the year.

Barack Obama's fake Facebook feed.

Tinkering with the STAR program is leading school taxes to rise.

Alan Lubin is leaving NYSUT.

Corey Ellis is still running for mayor.

All candidates for the McHugh seat have, supposedly, filed financial disclosure forms.

Michael Bloomberg is spending more on his campaign than 40 city agencies spend in year, writes Jarrett Murphy.

Erin Einhorn didn’t hear enough support of Paterson from Schumer and Gillibrand today.

Paterson’s escape route may run through Charles Rangel’s district.

Mark Green has a lesson for you.

Hello Jay Walder.

And here's footage of Schumer telling New York City firemen why he hates the Boston Red Sox. Elsewhere: McCaughey’s Original Sin, Schumer on Why Boston Sucks