Elsewhere: Paterson’s Cuts, Monserrate’s Verdict, de Blasio’s Marriage

David Paterson on the budget: “pain.”


To save the state, sacrifice.

His plan for the budget deficit involves "pain that is indescribable. … But it is the only way to keep this state afloat."

He’s proposing a 4.5 percent cut to schools.

The mayor of Gloversville got indicted for fraud.

Bill Thompson takes back his answer on Obama’s LGBT record, and calls the lightning round format “dumb.”

Senators could, technically, expel Hiram Monserrate.

Monserrate: “A terrible accident occurred to my girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, a person that I love. I will forever live with that.”

Monserrate’s judge: “The state has clearly proven that he did cause injury to Karla Giraldo beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The night of the incident, there was concern “to get her away from the home and away from the neighborhood where the defendant has roots.”

John Schiumo will discuss Monserrate tonight.

Bloomberg doesn’t want too much parental involvement in schools.

Bloomberg wants Staten Island to vote.

Erik Engquist likes Thompson’s talking points on development.

De Blasio did a poll and asked people about interracial marriage, before sending out mail about his own interracial marriage.

Carl Kruger doesn't think things are as dire as David Paterson would have us believe.

Paterson might call a special session the night of a Republican fund-raiser.

Lots of interest groups are mad at him about his budget plan.

Tom Basile will be the executive director of the New York Republican party.

Representative Chris Lee's fund-raising is down.

Jude Seymour parsed campaign headquarters.

Bill Owens and Dede Scozzafava agreed to a debate.

Bob Conner says candidates are "blundering to another loss."

A giraffe died at the Buffalo Zoo.

Maybe Anita Dunn is in charge of making war on Fox News because she's on her way out.

Bloomberg said Obama and Schumer endorsed Thompson in no small part because of partisanship.

Bloomberg doesn’t understand SurveyUSA’s findings. (This may help.)

Tonedef09 is not impressed with Thompson’s budget plans.

A Council candidate in Manhattan promises to shut down the Second Avenue subway.

Gillibrand and Schumer drop out of conference.

A Long Island Democrat is accused of stealing Republican signs.

Mark Green re-launches AirAmerica.com. Elsewhere: Paterson’s Cuts, Monserrate’s Verdict, de Blasio’s Marriage