Elsewhere: Scozzafava Called the Cops

Barack Obama was not greeted at the airport.

It looks like the special session will be Oct. 28, and David Paterson will meet tomorrow with legislative leaders.

Paterson asked the federal government to consider helping him collect cigarette taxes from sales on Indian reservations.

John Sampson is pissed off about Hiram Monserrate.

The panel that judges him will be Eric Schneiderman and four women.

Bronx politicians are more hesitant.

State Senator Suzi Oppenheimer’s husband was ticketed after he crashed into a utility pole.

The A.P. moves a story about the C.W.A.’s campaign against Bloomberg.

Leonie Haimson says the Times isn’t consistent.

Tom Wrobleski finds a Democrat not happy with Mike McMahon’s endorsement of Bloomberg.

C.Q. says the move “reflects the whims of his district.”

Dede Scozzafava’s husband called the cops on a reporter.

Scozzafava’s spokesman says the reporter, The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack, “repeatedly screamed” at the candidate.

“Do I write off this election? Absolutely,” said the Oneida County Republican chairman, referring to Scozzafava.

Bill Kristol defended McCormack.

A debate among the candidates at Clarkson University fell apart.

Doug Hoffman didn’t fill out the AARP’s voter guide.

Sheldon Silver is apparently the greenest legislator.

And a supporter held this sign at a protest organized by AIDS activists, outside Bloomberg’s campaign office.


Elsewhere: Scozzafava Called the Cops