Elsewhere: Scozzafava’s Bad Day

Obama’s shout-out to Bill Thompson “redefines lukewarm,” says David Birdsell.

CBS News: “It has been somewhat uncomfortable watching Thompson try to claim the clear backing of a White House that seems disinclined to offer him full-blooded support”

A tape recording shows The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack never yelled at Dede Scozzafava, as her spokesman claimed.

The National Review says the case for rallying to her “eludes us,” because “the Republican in the race is not the Republican. Odd, that.”

“Judging by their performance so far in a special election in New York, however, they deserve to wander in the minority for another generation or two,” the Wall Street Journal says of Republicans.

Scozzafava hit the road, with an RV.

She held an event outside Doug Hoffman’s office, which was probably a bad idea. (Video below)

Rick Lazio is raising money in Collins country.

David Paterson refused to say anything about Hiram Monserrate.

He wants a vote on same-sex marriage in the next few weeks.

Four Republicans were named to the Schneidermanic Inquisition Panel.

Bob Conner compared Paterson to Rodney Dangerfield.

Liz Benjamin said the CFB agreed with Thompson.

Thompson and Bloomberg vie for the designer vote.

Howard Wolfson and Eddie Castell debate tonight.

Gay City News endorses Thompson, and writes “A disjunction between words and deeds are unfortunately all too common in the mayor’s LGBT record.”

Bloomberg racked up more endorsements.

Christine Quinn isn’t ready to endorse Bill Thompson just yet.

The Queens Gazette says Monserrate will get booted, could would win back his seat in a special election.

Nick Confessore has a history lesson about expelling Assembly members.

A bridge closure is officially an emergency for Essex County.

Bill de Blasio littered the Bronx.

Bernie Kerik is inmate 210717.

Suozzi and Mejias grapple down a building, and inspire Dan Janison humor.

There’s a shakeup at Bloomberg’s new acquisition.


Elsewhere: Scozzafava’s Bad Day