Elsewhere: Where’s Bill ?


Why hasn’t Bill Clinton endorsed Bill Thompson?

Michael Bloomberg reminds you who the newspapers endorsed.

The Times spots Bloomberg being ignored during the Yankee celebration.

Neil Best notices it too.

Get ready for the Bloomberg robocalls.

The AP says Bloomberg’s lead over Thompson “widens.”

The LA Times picks up my footage, and yawns at Rudy Giuliani’s controversial comments.

According to The Guardian, “Since Bloomberg took office in 2002 homelessness has increased at a rate of 45% each year.”

Olive Koppell explains endorsing Bloomberg. “The implication was that I would be viewed more as part of the team.”

An editor at Scripps Howard News Service notes Bloomberg’s lavish spending.

There’s a prediction of, but no overall lesson in, a Bloomberg victory.

Suzannah B. Troy threatens to do something, like climbing the New York Times building naked.

David Parker, a Democrat, says New York needs Republicans.

Gabe Pressman sees Bloomberg riding a “wave of big bucks but not of overwhelming enthusiasm.”

Lew Fidler debates, thanks to the Internet.

Thompson supporters can upload photos of themselves.

So can pranksters.

Two blogs will host a debate for the Fidler seat.

Sheldon Silver hasn’t returned Chris Collins’ call.

Collins is on the defensive.

Newspaper circulations are down.

A new regulation is making wind power harder.

NY-23 isn’t a special special.

Five Republican assembly members want Doug Hoffman to drop out.

A pro-Hoffman group released a poll showing him leading.

Newt Gingrich says supporting Hoffman is a “mistake.”

Bill Owens’ fifth ad.

And the video above is Michael Bloomberg waiting to ride the Yankee coattails. Elsewhere: Where’s Bill ?