Elsewhere: Witnesses For and Against Bruno

Bloomberg is campaigning like a Democrat, says David Chen.

Tom DiNapoli has raised lots of campaign money from law firms seeking to represent the pension fund.

DiNapoli recommended the SEC more closely regulate pension funds.

The witness list for Joe Bruno's trial was released.

Geoffrey Gray is on it.

John Podesta's endorsement of Bloomberg is "is the clearest indication yet that Mr. Thompson should not expect a political lifeline anytime soon from either president," writes Chen.

Anonymous234098 says the undecided vote is too low for Thompson to pick up any ground.

Thompson said Democrats are still with him, despite Bloomberg's latest endorsements.

Marcia Kramer hears rumblings about Paterson eventually running for Rangel's congressional seat.

You can't have a party label with the word "damn" in it, can you?

No, really: CNN facts an SNL skit.

Sara Kugler wonders whether the other mayor who changed term limits will get re-elected today.

Ed Cox is holding a fund-raiser for Dede Scozzafava.

Richard Brodsky talked with Fred Dicker about his political future.

Richard Ravitch will attend a fund-raiser for Eric Schneiderman.

The tireless Jude Seymour rounds up today's NY-23 endorsements, notes that parties have officially nominated Dede Scozzafava and compiles a calendar for the race.

Hugh Carey, citizen laureate.

New York Farm Day.

And below, Representative Mike McMahon at a health care forum on Staten Island: Elsewhere: Witnesses For and Against Bruno