FDU: Christie 41%, Corzine 39%, Daggett 14%

A Fairleigh Dickinson University poll released today shows Republican Christopher Christie leading Gov. Jon Corzine 41%-39% — a statistical dead heat – with independent Christopher Daggett at 14%.

"At this point, anyone who says their vote doesn't count is mistaken," said FDU political scientist and poll director Peter Woolley. . "And no one knows that better than the campaigns."

The horse race numbers for Corzine and Christie are exactly the same as in an FDU poll released on October 6.

When Daggett's name is read to the respondents, he gets14% support and actually draws more from Corzine than Christie, giving Christie a two point lead over Corzine, 41% to 39%. When an obscure independent candidate's name is read – in this case Gary Steele – he gets 3% of the vote and Corzine leads Christie by a more significant 46% to 41%.

In a two way race, Corzine leads 44%-43%, with 6% volunteering Daggett's name.

Corzine's approval rating remains upside down, at 37% approve to 52% disapprove – virtually unchanged since the summer (his favorables are 37% favorable to 54% unfavorable). But Christie's favorables are also upside down, with 41% of respondents viewing him favorably and 44% viewing him unfavorably.

Daggett is the only major candidate whose favorables are right side up, and only 18% of voters have not heard of him – down from 50% earlier this month and 67% in September. He is seen favorably by 28% of voters and unfavorably by 23%.

When asked which of the two major party candidates was more honest and trustworthy, voters were split: 33% said Corzine and 32% said Christie. More voters (42%) think Christie understands the concerns of the average person than think Corzine does (35%), but Corzine leads when asked which candidate has "the background and experience to be a good governor" – 48% to 33%.

Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind surveyed 694 likely voters statewide between October 22 and 28. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. FDU: Christie 41%, Corzine 39%, Daggett 14%