Fifteen more minutes of fame for Andre Mendonca

On Fox & Friends this morning, GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie said that he was "not driving the wrong way down a one way street" during a 2002 accident in Elizabeth, and says he "didn't hit someone, they hit me." Democrats said today that Christie's comments are not consistent with the police report, although that is not entirely clear.

According to a police report released by Gov. Jon Corzine's campaign, Christie told a police officer he "was traveling west on Murray Street and was lost. He reached Chilton Street, the light was red, so he inched forward attempting to make a right on red, but never saw the one-way traffic sign. He then stopped upon observing oncoming traffic."

A motorcycle driven by Andre Mendonca "also braked. The motorcycle fell on its side and slid into his vehicle." Mendonca said that he was traveling on Chilton Street when Christie turned in front of him."

"Like so many other things, the Corzine camp has exaggerated what happened that day. The Governor's campaign formula is exaggeration, distortion and character attack backed up by Wall Street millions," Christie strategist Michael DuHaime told "It's not a surprise they are pushing this old news again because they don't want to discuss Gov. Corzine's record of tax hikes and special interest giveaways.

Christie has acknowledged that his driving could use improvement.

Fifteen more minutes of fame for Andre Mendonca