Flemingtoon 10.17.09

Rube Goldberg*All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim.

I have breakfast periodically at the local bagel shop, Main Street Bagels—-conveniently located on Main Street. And it is here where many local patrons discuss state politics, the economy, and local goings-on.

I served on the Flemington Borough Council for 12 years, and over the years there was somewhat of a turnover in the Republican members of Council. I probably served with four or five different Republican members at times. For about three years, one Republican member was Mrs. “C”. Think of a cross between Sarah Palin, Gracie Allen and Edith Bunker, and you’ll get a sense of Mrs. “C”. We generally got along, but had basic differences of policy and political values at times.

This morning at breakfast I ran into my Republican friend, and our conversation drifted to the New York Times current poll numbers in the gubernatorial race. The numbers were encouraging for Governor Corzine, as he was up over Christie by 3 points amongst likely voters and 10 points amongst all registered voters.

To this Mrs. “C” explained, "Oh, that's just amongst New York Times readers. The Times does ask questions like that when they call people to try to get them to renew their subscriptions. It's just a come on."

Wish I could say I make this stuff up.
Flemingtoon 10.17.09