Flemingtoon* 10.29.09 *All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim.

It’s Goofy Guycampaign season everywhere in New Jersey. And candidates, incumbents and non-incumbents alike, are 'hunting and gathering' for votes.

‘Hunting’ votes is lots tougher than ‘gathering’ votes, as any candidate will tell you. You gotta figure that if you have served a term, and have done a good job, that people will lean more towards voting for you. And gathering those votes should be a snap.

But just maybe not in my town of Flemington.

Last week I was performing at a comedy show benefit for two Democratic candidates in Raritan Township at the local American Legion Hall. I got into a conversation with the bartender about the local election in Flemington, where the two Democratic incumbent candidates are up for re-election after their first term—-Mark and Brooke.

“So, what do you think of the local elections?”, I inquired of 'Tom', the bartender for the night, as I threw a tip into his tip jar. Tom lives in town, at one of the apartment complexes.

“Well, I think Mark and Brooke are doing a great job. I like them.” Satisfied with than answer, I inquired further. “So, I guess they’ve earned your vote. Gonna vote for them again?”

“Nope, I’m gonna vote for the Republicans. Their opponents, I guess,” shared Tom. I was surprised.

“But why? Don’t you want to vote for Mark and Brooke again because they did a good job?”, I asked.

“Nope, They did a good job, and they had their chance. Now, it’s time to give someone else a chance. This is what makes our country great. Why do all the illegals come here? Because we give everyone a chance. Now, it’s someone else’s turn. Every one deserves a turn. It’s only fair. In three years, we can give someone else a chance. That’s the American way.”

Apparently, Tom has his own criteria for voting.
Flemingtoon* 10.29.09  *All dialogue mostly guaranteed almost verbatim.