Garcia Benigno, the all-time low vote getter

What ever happened to?

  • Garcia Benigno – The candidate for the Newark Board of Education in April 2000 finished last in a field of 29 candidates and received zero votes.
  • Philip Checchia – The Barnegat Board of Education member who resigned just one week into his term when he called a political foe a "Jew Bastard" during his first school board meeting.
  • Lloyd DeVos – The Mountainside attorney who entered the race for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator in 2000 and thought he would impress party leaders by contributing the lofty sum of $1 Million to his campaign. Then Jon Corzine entered the race,
  • Dana Machado – The Harrison election board worker was barred from working the general election after requiring voters with Hispanic surnames to prove their citizenship during the Democratic primary.
  • Frank Perrone, Jr. – The Rutgers sophomore, aka "The Lawn Sign Kid," earning $8 an hour to put up Corzine for Senate signs around the state, was arrested for stealing Ferguson for Congress signs. He received a reprimand from Win 2000, and became a hero of sorts at Democratic headquarters.
  • John Pituch – The Bloomingdale Board of Education candidate lost by one vote after his son forgot to mail in his absentee ballot.
Garcia Benigno, the all-time low vote getter