GNYHA Cites Three Senators in Budget Opposition

ALBANY—The hospital lobby is using three State Senate Democrats as a shield in their fight against health care cuts David Paterson proposed in a $3 billion deficit reduction plan.

Ken Raske, CEO of the Greater New York Hospital Association, sent this memo to hospital heads and lobbyists, naming Carl Kruger, John Sampson and Tom Duane as all being on record against cuts.

“It is extremely important that you continue to meet with your legislators, including your Assembly members,” Raske writes. “Ask them to stand with Senators Sampson, Duane, and Kruger against the health care cuts. Ask them to immediately contact their legislative leaders to express opposition. If they say no, ask them ‘Why Not? Particularly when these senators have done so?'”

In the past, GNYHA has run advertisements against Paterson along with SEIU 1199, the health care workers union. So far only NYSUT is on the air in this fight.


The memo is below.

Gnyha Memo GNYHA Cites Three Senators in Budget Opposition